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A Flooded Basement Should Never Be Underestimated. You’ve got the following problem – the one place in your home that you used to call your basement has now been suddenly transformed into a makeshift swimming pool. Besides getting your feet wet, however, this seemingly small inconvenience can quickly turn into an environmental hazard if left unaddressed. What kind of hazard, you may ask? The kind that could electrify you or spontaneously explode, namely an electrical shock/gas leak.

How Has Rainwater Made Its Way Into Your Basement?

Our gutter cleaning in Fulham SW6 includes a thorough check of your drainage system to determine the cause behind this leakage. Usually, the guilt will fall on your downpipes. And here’s why – unhealthy quantities of leaves, branches, seeds, weeds, or even pests could potentially clog your pipes, leaving the water flow with nowhere else to go but through the window of your storage room or cellar. Keep in mind that any wall cracks will get gradually expanded the longer this problem persists. You can also check our window cleaning and rubbish removal services.

End Your Woes With Our Local Solution

The gutter cleaners in Fulham SW6 can provide you with anything you need to restore your drainage pipes to their former top condition. For example, the specialists can unclog each and every downspout and gutter above the ground, deal with all blockages found within, perform minor repairs, and even show you pictures of the old and new state of your gutters. And here is how we get things done:

  • Seeds, moss, dirt, leaves, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and any other inhabitants will be extracted via a special, twelve-metre-long telescopic pole;
  • The wet vacuum machine is equipped with a small camera, allowing experts to take before and after photos, as well as to find and repair small cracks;
  • Breathe freely – Not a single detergent will be used to renew your drainage system. You won’t see any shaky ladders in your property as well!;
  • Feel free to dial the 24/7 support at all times to schedule an appointment for any day of the week or for a bank holiday;
  • Each technician is highly experienced, well-mannered, HSE-trained, and will not disturb your daily routine in any way;
  • Our service is covered by a one month guarantee – if your gutters’ performance hasn’t changed since our last visit, we’ll return for a free re-examination.

Once all guttering in Fulham SW6 procedures have been carried out, the team will simply drive away in their van and you’ll be finally able to use your now dry basement. Yes, it is just that simple!

Keep in mind: We’ll need to attach our equipment to any electrical outlet inside or outside of your property as it isn’t powered by the van.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Single Leveled Properties Price 2 Level Properties Price 3 Level Properties Price
Terraced House £42 Terraced House £62 Terraced House £84
End-of-terrace House £52 End-of-terrace House £72 End-of-terrace House £94
Semi-detached house £62 Semi-detached house £82 Semi-detached house £114
Detached house £77 Detached house £87 Detached house £92
Downpipes £12/pipe Downpipes £15/pipe Downpipes £19/pipe

* Yearly subscription price.
* Gutter Cleaning rates vary depending on property size and number of levels. Minimum charge is £42.

Take Advantage of Our Intuitive Booking System

We offer you several ways in which you can schedule our gutter cleaning services in Fulham. Send us an email, fill in our booking form, use our web site chat function, or dial 020 7846 0219 and a friendly service representative will gladly answer your inquiries and provide you with a free, custom-tailored price estimate!

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